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timiathan's Journal

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4 June 1980
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!night!night!night, acoustic guitar, androgeny, ani difranco, ani fucking difranco, arguing, art, baseball, basketball, bipolar disorder, black & white, buddhism, buffalo bills, cataplexy, charity, christine hume, classical guitar, coffee, coffeeshops, denise duhamel, dictionaries, dilate, dissociative fugue, dissonance, e.e. cummings, erik campbell, erin mckeown, espresso, experimental poetry, fiction, fiesta del sol, folk music, football, global consciousness, god's work, got gutterson?, grey, ham, hanne piasecki, hours and angles, illusion, imagist poetry, insomnia, irony, isn't done by god, jane hirshfield, jorie graham, kim addonizio, kurt vonnegut, leaves and grass, li-young lee, like a sphere, literature, logic, lola haskins, lorrie moore, lost in translation, love's el camino, madagascar, maya, meditation, megan o'reilly, mental illness, mets, monet, montale, morning star products, moses, music, music like mercy, nietzsche, nihilism, no longer rushdie, not leelee sobieski, nothing really, offensive acts of kindness, pessism, philosophy, pink hair, plants, playing guitars poorly, pluots and apriums, poetry, protests, psychiatric counselling, racquetball, radiohead, rationalism, rattle, rattle poetry, reading, reason, rochester, samuel beckett, sandals, scrubs, seinfeld, simpsons, slipsand, socialism, softball, somnambulance, spaghetti, spontaneity, stall calligraphy, state of affairs, stephen dunn, stoicism, strange people, stream of consciousness, summer, sunrises, surrealism, sweat, taoism, tennis, the 5.5 hole, the play, the undefinition, torpid, u of r, university of rochester, ur, voices on the verge, wallace stevens, waning, water, wiffleball, wishes, writing, writing fiction, writing poetry, zen, ,

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